Education, diplomas

Magister Vini

Magister Vini is the highest wine graduation of the Netherlands.


Certified Appraiser Valuer and Broker in Wines & Spirits


Chartered Valuer Appraiser and Broker in wines


Registered Diploma level 4 Vinologue of the Dutch Wine Academy


Liquorist van de Wijnacademie, level 4 in Spirits






In 1980 Andes started his career in the world of wines, working as sommelier in the south of France.


Other activitiesin the wines and spirtits trade
  • 1983 - 1996:            sales man
  • 1996 - 2006:            wine buyer wholesaler in Gastronomy
  • 2000 - present day: international agencies
  • 2006 - present day: board functions
  • 2007 - present day: import and export
  • 2009 - 2018:            Wine and spirits education
  • 2010 - present day: whisky- and wijnvaluations
  • 2009 - present day: Political lobby


Special skills

Experienced with evaluating tank samples and defaults in wine.



  • Andes masters 5 European languages including the common wine jargon: Dutch, English, Italian, French and German. ‘Language is the key to open all doors’.
  • Nederlands
  • Engels
  • Frans
  • Duits
  • Italiaans     

Tasting ability:               

Graduated taster


Other competences         

Wine Trend watcher

Frequently approached by the media as 'wine trend watcher'

Valued member of wine jury Concours Mondial, Mundus Vin

Lector, master

wine, spirits, cocktails, wine-food pairing, wine business

Specialist in wine and food pairings


Masters professional cooking skills

Political lobbyist

Andes did a lobby to make it legal to offer wines and spirits to taste at the liquorshops. In 2014 he succeeded

Performer at Wine related events


Awards / notifications

“Dutch Wine Trend Watcher”, Meiningers IWB 2018

First Valuer with hallmark in the Netherlands

First Magister Vini of the Netherlands

Highest wine graduation

Winelife: nr 29 from “top 50 wine influencers 2012

“Taste maker of the month”, Perswijn 2007

“Wine personality of the year 2002, WIJNAGENDA

“Membre d’honneur 1998” la Confrérie du Sabre d’Or :